the move took us a long longer than expected, we are back up and running


Got my back plates for 205 from the express spares, excelent and fast

Ruis Portugal


Didn't imagine would find "new" GTI lights for the CX, great job Luc FR

Not an easy fit, really need to read the assembly ,PT Cruiser, but totally worsted. Amazing change Keith N.I.


Thanks for your great job. Frank, from the canary Islands

C2 very happy with the purchase
Mr L.. (Taiwan)


France 505


We are really very busy processing your orders, thanks to all, but our delivery time has increase to 4 to 5 weeks, apologies

Morette Team



request a brochure

We are having problems with Paypal on our shop. We are a manufacturing company and make items to order. So please do not expect dispatch the next day! We have a lot of orders and the normal dispatch time is 4 to 5 weeks. Our Paypal is nearly blocked all the time, we have claims for items not delivered....
Paypal payment only using the option payment request, go to payment by bank transfer and as reference use PAYPAL, will send you a paypal payment request


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