April 17

The move took us a long longer than expected, we are back up and running

April 16

Got my back plates for 205 from the express spares, excelent and fast

Ruis Portugal


Didn't imagine would find "new" GTI lights for the CX, great job Luc FR

Not an easy fit, really need to read the assembly ,PT Cruiser, but totally worsted. Amazing change Keith N.I.


Thanks for your great job. Frank, from the canary Islands

C2 very happy with the purchase
Mr L.. (Taiwan)


France 505

May 2017

We are really very busy processing your orders, thanks to all, but our delivery time has increase to 5 to 8 weeks, apologies

Morette Team



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Beware of copies or product sold under our trading name

We are well aware that part of our range of has been copied or that other companies are selling under our name or also "Morette style". We've been contacted by a lot of 'customers' complaining about the efficacy, reliability, quality, etc of our Morette lights. As it is our objective to supply products that exceed everyone's expectations, we started a long dialogue, through our tech support team, with those customers trying to solve the problem(s). It was only then that we discovered the lights sold under our name weren't ours at all. So please be very conscious of this fact when making your purchase.

A few tips to help recognise our lights

All of our kits are coming with "plug and play" connectors. On all our plastic parts you will find our logo (which may also appear on copies) and part number printed in the material. You don't have, in most of cases, to modify the car (except for models indicated on the website). All our kits come with adjustment to the optics (manual or levelling adjustors). All the optics we use are ECC or SAE approved. SEE ON THE OPTICS. Copies are made mainly for the USA and have the light pattern applicable only in the USA. You WILL FAIL MOT in Europe and in the USA as the full beam are not Homologated. We don't do "angel eyes". Apart from the Ford Escort Mk3, all our kits are made in the same way, plastic bezels that you can remove for painting and a rear plastic support for the optics. You don't have to remove any optics for painting or fitting.

If you have any doubts, any questions,please don't hesitate to contacts us.

Our company has been certified ISO 9001: 2000 DNV UK

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