April 17

The move took us a long longer than expected, we are back up and running

April 16

Got my back plates for 205 from the express spares, excelent and fast

Ruis Portugal


Didn't imagine would find "new" GTI lights for the CX, great job Luc FR

Not an easy fit, really need to read the assembly ,PT Cruiser, but totally worsted. Amazing change Keith N.I.


Thanks for your great job. Frank, from the canary Islands

C2 very happy with the purchase
Mr L.. (Taiwan)


France 505

May 2017

We are really very busy processing your orders, thanks to all, but our delivery time has increase to 5 to 8 weeks, apologies

Morette Team



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About us  

• How did the twin headlights come about?

In 1977 Mr Morette purchased a Citroën CX, he was at that time a car electrician. The CX was very well known for its poor lighting and, after smashing the headlights whilst driving during the night (couldn't see the bend), decided to modify the replacements, using a similar type of light as the DS (his previous car). On the next service, his local dealer asked him if he could supply other customers with the modification, as by that time the much more powerful GTI was on the road, which still had the same lighting problem. So on the 1st of November 1979 the company SAFRI was created (trading as Morette®).

We know that there are a lot of rumors etc going around our company, let’s put thinks straight.
We’ve been like a lot of companies under pressure from the recession, we’ve know this since 2003 and this was getting worst till 2009, peak of it, where we had no choice than to close the company based in France. We have since March 2010 reopen with full stock, equipments, machines and of course a new team. As time change, equipment do so too, we have now 3D scans equipment making our kits even better. We have just release in December 2011, the first of what we hope in a long line, a new kit for the Merc Vito/Viano. Our new premises are fit to purpose, a large new building, 1500m2 of warehouse and 340m2 of offices.


• Are there performance advantages or disadvantages with them?
The lighting from our products increases vision at least 30% compared with the original equipment lights. The efficiency of a round optic is and always will be better than an Original Equipment optic that needs to follow the curve of a car BUT the full effect of a twin head lamp conversion comes when you are driving in full beam, you take the day into the night.
• Can it still be legal if you turn one of the holes into a port to get air into the engine?
This is a practice that is used a lot in rallying, but not for the purpose of getting air into the engine, they use it as an air intake for cooling the break disk. The lights are still road legal.
• Is there anything amazing, people should know about Morette? i.e. what they're made of etc.

People should know that to make a kit to our standard takes around 650 working hours (3months) in design and development, and all our kits are TUV approved (German standard, recognised by every country in Europe) and also shortly they will be DOT (standard for the USA) which explains the price (you get what you pay for). You must have seen our products on a lot of rally cars, from Citroen Visa, Ford Sierra Cosworth, Escort Cossie, Focus WRC, Impreza Wrx, etc... Our best seller is still the Peugeot 504, supplied to Africa to be fitted to the Pick-up, still in production there (good test bench for the resistance). We are supplying China, even if they are copying our designs (beware of the copies sold under our name or Morette style), and supply all spare parts for every kit we have produced from day one.



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